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(Pocket-lint) - How to get the iPhone 7 from £26.57 per month

UNSHACKLED.com has been set up to “rip up the rulebook”, letting you get the latest and greatest phones for a fraction of what you would pay in a contract with a mobile operator.

The UNSHACKLED.com way is to choose whatever phone you want - quite literally - then add a SIM plan from any one of 16 UK mobile operators.

The phone portion of the deal can be spread out over 24 months, but you’re free to pay this off whenever you want – and that's without getting hit by penalties. The idea is to give you total freedom over your mobile phone choices.

"But exactly how much can you save?" we hear you ask. One of the best ways is to look at different offerings for the Apple iPhone 7. Apple’s latest iPhone is in high demand right now, and rightly so, so finding the best deal is paramount to many.

Starting with UNSHACKLED.com’s plans for a 32GB iPhone 7 (in black, gold, rose gold or silver). You can choose just how much you pay upfront, starting with £19, but the more you can pay upfront, the lower the monthly costs will lower, because it's just about spreading out the payments for the phone – it's not a contract. Paying just £19 upfront will make your monthly payments £26.57.

Next you'll need to add a SIM plan. Lets take EE's 12 month SIM card which gives you unlimited minutes and texts with 20GB of data for £19.99/month.

Overall you'll be paying £46.56 a month (£26.57 x 24 months) + (£19.99 x 24 months) + £19 = £1136.44

A similar plan on EE will give you unlimited minutes and texts with 25GB of data for £65.99/month with a £9.99 upfront payment. Overall that would set you back £1593.75.

We're not sure about you, but we'd happily sacrifice 5GB of monthly data to save £457.31. Even with choosing a 10GB plan with EE you'll still be spending around £200 more than going through UNSHACKLED.com.

This comparison is pitching an EE contract against using UNSHACKLED.com to get an EE SIM deal, but let's look at a simple comparison of tariffs, so any 1GB phone contract against a 1GB plan found through UNSHACKLED.com.

We found a 1GB phone contract with Vodafone on Carphone Warehouse for £37 a month with £49.99 upfront. That comes to £937.99 - much cheaper than previous. Can UNSHACKLED.com beat it?

Of course – they list a SIM with 1.25GB for £4.99, so if we match the £49.99 upfront cost that Vodafone asks for, with UNSHACKLED.com you'd be paying £30.19 a month and £774.55 altogether, saving yourself £163.44 overall.

It's clear that doing things the UNSHACKLED.com way will save you money whichever type of plan you choose. So when it comes to upgrading or changing your smartphone, head to UNSHACKLED.com's website to grab yourself a bargain.