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(Pocket-lint) - The Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus went on sale last Friday to record numbers of pre-orders, the iPhone 7 plus is sold out until November at least. But some of the lucky few who have managed to get their hands on one have noticed a hissing sound when working the A10 processor a little too hard.

Stephen Hackett of 512Pixels.net noticed the problem and posted online about it to bring it to public attention. He first heard the sound when restoring his account from iCloud and said it was loud enough to be heard with the phone sitting on a table, rather than having to hold it up to his ear.

Fortunately, AppleCare replaced the faulty iPhone for him, but since then other owners have noticed the same issue.

It’s not clear if some of the first few batches of iPhones are faulty or just that some owners have been unlucky with their device. In fact, it might just be normal. Rene Ritchie at iMore.com says that when restoring it is acceptable for a device to make slight hissing sounds, especially when putting the processing units under strain.

But hey, where's the fun in that? After all, every time Apple releases a new device there are reports of some issue or so - and thus a "gate" is born. Here are some of the other famous ones.


what is iphone 7 hissgate plus 4 other “gates” apple has fallen prey to image 2

HissGate is far from the first time that Apple has fallen foul to reports of problems with the iPhone. There have been a number of “gates” with previous models.

One of the standout issues was “bendgate” which saw the iPhone 6 Plus bend when put in a pocket or bag. Nearly 200 people complained to Apple about the problem but the company only replaced some of them, others were left with a charge for replacement or repair. 

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Another gate that received international recognition was Antennagate. Antennagate refers to the iPhone 4 and how signal would drop out if you held it a certain way and bridging the gap between the two antenna pieces around the outside of the phone.

Steve Jobs held an event specifically to debunk the claims and told people to “not hold it that way”. Apple also offered a free iPhone bumper case for anyone that wanted one, but was eventually told to send customers compensation.


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U2 Gate spawned at the launch of the first Apple Watch. The Irish band closed out the event and then Bono and Tim Cook confidently told everyone that U2’s latest album would be sent to everyone with an iTunes account. What Apple and U2 failed to realise was that U2 aren’t a band loved by everyone.

Bono issued an apology for the stunt and Apple quickly released a tool to remove the album from accounts. 


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It was no surprise that Apple released its own mapping software, after all, why should Apple continue letting Google Maps take the limelight when it could offer its own integral solution instead.

Apple’s first attempt at Maps wasn’t that great, especially when it came to accuracy. What brought even more attention was that Apple removed Google Maps from the App Store. It took a while for Google to release a new app that iPhone owners could download and considering most people probably would have been lost, it was highly appreciated.

Apple has since learned from its original mistakes and now offers a much more accurate mapping tool...although we’d probably still opt for Google.

Writing by Max Langridge.