It's official: iOS 10 is awesome.

In Pocket-lint's review of the software, which released on 13 September 2016, we said Apple clearly focused on layering the entire experience with even more complexity and depth than ever before. In fact, in our short time with iOS 10, we've already discovered hundreds of new tricks, as you can see in our tips round-up. But in every new piece of software, there's always a few buried features that are ridiculously cool.

Pocket-lint has found a bunch of those features and listed the very best ones below. For instance, did you know you can turn your iPhone into a magnifying glass that launches with a triple-tap of the Home button, or that iOS 10 can now transcribe your voicemails for you -- as in, give you an actual word-for-word readout of whatever someone said to you in the voice message? Ladies and gentlemen: the future is upon us. For reals.

Check out our round-up to see the coolest hidden features in iOS 10. Keep checking back though, as we're bound to stumble upon more in the coming months, and we'll update this piece when we do.

Turn your camera into a magnifying glass

We've all had that moment where we've tried to zoom-in with our iPhone’s camera in order to use it as a magnifying glass, but thanks to iOS 10, it's become an official thing. With a quick settings change, you'll be able to triple-tap on the Home button to automatically open the camera with magnification that you can adjust. Brilliant. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier. From there, set the toggle to On.

Your iPhone now transcribes voicemails 

Seriously. It's about as accurate as Google Voice, too. From now on, whenever someone leaves a voicemail, iOS will take a few minutes to transcribe it. When it's complete, tap the voicemail to expand it, and then you'll see the transcription. Huzzah!

Note: This feature may not work for everyone. It depends on your carrier.

Clear all your Safari tabs with a press
If you're anything like us, your Safari app right in this very moment probably has 12 (or 30) tabs open. Heh. You no longer have to close every single one individually, however, as Apple now lets you simultaneously close them all. From the new tab page, tap and hold the Done button to pull up a menu that will give you the option to close all your tabs. Simples.

Clear all your Notifications with 3D Touch

Similar to how you can clear all your Safari tabs, you can now clear all your notifications piled up on the lock screen, but this hidden feature relies on 3D Touch. Just hard-press the “X” icon and select Clear All Notifications.

Prioritize your app downloads with 3D Touch

This one also takes advantage of 3D Touch. Ever go to use an app and see that iOS suddenly decided to download a bunch of updates, which is annoying when you want to use one of the apps updating? Well, now, instead of waiting or canceling it, you can hard-press the icon, and then select the new Prioritize Download option in order to make it No. 1 in the update queue.

Do more in Control Center with 3D Touch

We love finding new places to use 3D Touch in iOS, and this one is at the top of the list. In iOS 10's Control Center, you can now use 3D Touch on the bottom row of app icons. Press on the flashlight to get three brightness options. Press on the timer to get predefined timer amounts. Press the calculator to copy the last calculation. Press the camera for more shooting options. Love it!

Give your Stopwatch a new face

The stopwatch feature in the default Clock app has looked the same for, like, years. But with iOS 10, you can give it a new face. Go to the stopwatch screen in the Clock app, then swipe to the left to use the new face. It's classier than the digital look of the old one, too. 

Make Siri announce who's calling you
Siri has a new feature: she can announce the name of a caller when he/she is calling you. When you're driving, walking around, wearing headphones, going for a jog, etc, you have to stop and look at your phone to see who's calling, but that's no longer the case. Siri will not only tell you who's calling, but you can make her announce callers only when you have headphones in or are connected to your car's Bluetooth.

You'll find these options under Settings > Phone > Announce Calls. You're welcome.  

Remember where you parked

We've all forgotten where we've parked at one time or another. Thanks to Apple Maps in iOS 10 however, that's now a thing of the past - so long as your phone is hooked up to your car’s Bluetooth or to Apple CarPlay. Apple Maps can now remember where you parked your car, if you have a GPS signal. It will send you a notification with your car’s location when you walk away from your car.

You must enable the feature under Settings > Maps.

Markup your photos

Apple has updated its iMessage and Photos apps with a new tool that lets you markup photos. Select a photo to send in iMessage, then tap on it to preview it, and select the Markup option in the lower left corner. You can then draw, write, and color over the photo before you share it. Similarly, when viewing a photo in Photos, tap on the Edit icon, then the extension button, and select Markup.

Be selective with your read receipts 

You can now decide whether you want to send read receipts on a contact-by-contact basis. Previously, you could only enable or disable them for all your contacts, but now you can go into any conversation and enable or disable the feature. When in a conversation, tap on the "i" button in the top-right, and then turn read receipts on or off. That's it.

Search for images in iMessage

It's easy to see that Apple now offers a mini App Store just for the iMessage app, but you likely overlooked a buried feature that may persuade you to delete all of your GIF keyboard apps. You can now search for an animated image directly within iMessage. When writing a message in iMessage, tap on App Store icon, then swipe to the images page, and enter a search term or pick a category.

Get rid of unwanted stock apps

iOS 10 now lets you remove any stock app you don’t want (Stocks, Compass, etc). This works the same way as removing third-party apps: long press on any app, then hit ‘x’ icon. They can always be re-downloaded from the App Store or brought back in Settings.