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(Pocket-lint) - Images have appeared in China of what some are claiming to be an iPhone 7. However, they are shonky to say the least. And although some aspects of previous rumours can be seen, we're not convinced they're kosher.

The images appeared on Chinese site Weibo and subsequently reported on by Mobipicker.

Both pictures show a gold device that doesn't look too dissimilar to the current iPhone 6 or 6S. But they also show the much-rumoured removal of the white straps at the top and bottom of the casing. The rounded trim is still there, but the intersecting lines have gone.

To be honest, to us it looks like a Photoshop job. After all, we've created something similar ourselves as an illustration before (as seen below).

Pocket-lintis this a gold iphone 7 in hands on pictures  image 3

Another tell-tale sign that this is unlikely to be genuine is that instead of being more flush, as rumoured, the camera unit sticks out seemingly further. And its wobbly and unfinished in the image too - hardly an Apple trait.

A new, smaller hole has appeared next to the flash, which Mobipicker suggests could be thanks to a laser autofocus module.

Again, we're not wholly sold on that.

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If they are genuine then we're looking at evolution rather than revolution for the next generation of iPhone. We'll wait until better evidence for now though.

Mobipickeris this a gold iphone 7 in hands on pictures  image 2
Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 May 2016.