Apple's developer conference has happened, and we're rounding up what the company announced.

Apple puts on an annual developer conference in California to showcase new software, software updates, and - sometimes - technologies that developers can leverage in order to make their apps more innovative and up to date. Apple calls this conference the Worldwide Developers Conference, and although it's geared toward developers, consumers are invited to watch as well.

There's usually a healthy dose of consumer excitement in the keynote. In 2017, Apple introduced the HomePod, a new iPad Pro with a 10.5-inch screen, watchOS 4 for Apple Watch, MacOS High Sierra for Macs, iOS 11 for iPhones and iPads, and more. As for WWDC 2018, we've rounded up what Apple annoucned and everything you need to know below.

When is WWDC 2018?

Apple's WWDC 2018 conference takes places in San Jose, CA from 4 June to 8 June at the McEnery Convention Center. It means, for the second time, it'll be held on the doorstep of Apple's new Cupertino headquarters. Apple held its keynote at 10am PST (6pm BST) on 4 June.

How to re-watch WWDC 2018

The WWDC keynote is available to watch online through the dedicated Apple site or the WWDC app on iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. It was a two-hour event. You can also watch the livestream of the keynote online using Safari on your Apple devices, but Windows 10 will also be supported and Apple is also going to allow Chrome and Firefox browsers to view the livestream, too.

Once the live stream has concluded, Apple will keep it up so that it can be re-watched or watched at a later time.

What happened at WWDC 2018?

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced, "Today is all about software."

Screenshot (Apple)Its official The next version of iOS is called iOS 12 image 1

iOS 12

Apple confirmed that iOS 12 is the next major update to iOS, and it is focused on stability and performance upgrades. It will be released as a free update later this year and will be supported by all iPads and iPhones released since 2013. In a nutshell, if your device was compatible with iOS 11, it will also be compatible with iOS 12. You can read all about what's new in our iOS 12 guide here.

But here are the highlights: Apple is also adding digital well-being tools. A new iOS section, called Screentime, will allow you to limit how much you use your iPhone and iPad. You'll be able to see how long you are using each app for, when you're using each app, how often you unlock your phone, and which app serves up the most notifications. It will be possible to limit how much you use an app each day.

Apple is updating notifications, too. You will be able to group notifications from same app into one notification and customise notifications from the lock screen. The iOS Do Not Disturb feature will also be updated to not show notifications on a device's lock screen at night. And finally, Apple briefly mentioned Google Maps is getting third-party integrations so that you can use Google Maps or Waze with it.

AppleApple announces macOS Mojave as next major update image 1

MacOS Mojave

The latest operating system for Macs is called Mojave, and like iOS 12, it is also focused on productivity and performance. Apple is adding a "stacks" mode so that the same type of files can be put on top of each other. There will also be a new dark mode. But one of the biggest changes is the new Mac App Store. It said it has rebuilt the store "from the ground up". Product pages have been totally redesigned.

Another big change is that Apple is working on making it easier for developers to port iOS app into macOS versions. And Apple has started to do this with its own apps. As a result, Apple News, Stocks, Voice Memos, and Home have been introduced to macOS Mojave. And finally, Apple said there would be more protection for users when websites collect cookies; a "do you want to be tracked" box will appear in Safari.


Apple's really honed in on augmented reality during its iOS 12 demo. At WWDC 2018, it announced details of ARKit 2, a refreshed set of tools for developers to create AR experiences for their apps. The update includes improved face tracking and support for people using a number of iPhones or iPads to view the same AR experience. Lego will use multiplayer to offer shared AR experiences, for instance.

Apple also announced a new file format for AR, called USDZ, which it made in conjunction with Pixar. Another cool ARKit-enabled feature includes the ability to make a custom Animoji of yourself. These are called Memoji and live inside the iMessage app. Lastly, a new Apple-made AR app, called Measure, uses the iPhone's camera to scan objects and calculate their size and even offer leveling.

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Going back to iOS 12 again, Apple has given Siri new life. It will now provide suggestions for app actions you may want based on the location or time of day. Siri will suggest to call people if its their birthday, for instance. Siri will also be able to handle routines for the first time, with a new app called Shortcut. So, on your way home from work, you'll be able to automatically send a message to your partner.

AppleWhats New In Apple Watchos 5 image 1

WatchOS 5

Apple's watchOS 5 will also get Siri suggestions. And Siri can now be activated just with a raise of your wrist toward your face. The Podcast app is being added to watchOS 5, too, and it will be possible to pay for items with Apple Pay via the notifications screen. Another major feature in WatchOS 5 is a walkie-talkie mode. With it, you can tap, record a message, and send it to your friend.

The Apple Watch's fitness features have been updated, too. There's a new yoga mode, for instance. And, if you forget to start the watch at the beginning of a run or workout, it will automatically record when you're active. Finally, Apple Watch got a new "Pride" watch face.


Apple announced some US-based partnerships: Charter Spectrum cable subscribers will be able to replace their boxes with Apple TV. The company also said that it's adding support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos in the future. Plus, there will be more 4K HDR content available.

Apple further demoed some new screensavers for TVs.

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