Apple's developer conference is coming up quick, and we're rounding up what you can expect from the show as well as how to watch it.

Apple puts on an annual developer conference in California to showcase new software, software updates, and - sometimes - technologies that developers can leverage in order to make their apps more innovative and up to date. Apple calls this conference the Worldwide Developers Conference, and although it's geared toward developers, consumers are invited to watch as well.

There's usually a healthy dose of consumer excitement in the keynote. In 2018, Apple debuted iOS 12, MacOS Mojave, ARKit 2, WatchOS 5, and Siri Shortcut, However, the year before that, it introduced the HomePod and a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro. So, hardware could be on deck, too.

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When is the WWDC 2019 keynote?

Apple's WWDC 2019 conference takes places in San Jose, California from 3 June to 7 June at the McEnery Convention Center. Like previous years, the main keynote of the developer conference starts at 10am PT (on 3 June).

Here are the local times across the world:

  • San Francisco: 10am (3 June)
  • New York: 1pm (3 June)
  • London: 6pm (3 June)
  • Paris: 7pm (3 June)
  • Moscow: 8pm (3 June)
  • Mumbai: 10:30pm (3 June)
  • Hong Kong: 1am (4 June)
  • Beijing: 1am (4 June)

Can you attend WWDC 2019?

Apple offers tickets to WWDC through a lottery system. Interested attendees must enter a lottery and can only attend WWDC if they "win" a ticket and pay for it. For many years now, tickets to the annual developer conference have been priced at $1,599 each. The window to enter the lottery and purchase a ticket has now closed. So you're only option now is to watch the live stream.

How to watch WWDC 2019

The WWDC keynote is usually available to watch online through the dedicated Apple site or the WWDC app on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. You'll also be able to watch the livestream of the keynote online via the Safari, Chrome, and Firefox desktop browsers. It'll likely be a two-hour event. Once it has concluded, Apple will probably keep it up so that it can be watched at a later time.

What to expect from WWDC 2019

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced, "Today is all about software."

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iOS 13

Apple will likely introduce the next-generation version of iOS, iOS 13. It's thought to come with a dark mode, File app improvements, a redesigned Home screen for the iPhone and the iPad, and new iPad features, like displaying multiple windows in a single app using a tab view. A new multitasking iPad feature for using two windows of the same app side by side is rumoured, as well.

Last year, Apple debuted iOS 12 with a focus on stability and performance upgrades, new digital well-being tools, and a new Screentime feature.

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MacOS 10.15

The next version of MacOS, currently known as MacOS 10.15, will likely be unveiled at WWDC. It's rumoured to feature new universal apps functionality so that developers can design a single app that works with either a touchscreen or a mouse and trackpad, no matter whether it's running on iOS or MacOS. Apple might also introduce new Music, Podcasts, and Books apps in MacOS 10.15.

Last year, Apple showed off Mojave with a focus on productivity and performance. It also had a new "stacks" mode for files, a new dark mode, and a re-built Mac App Store. Apple also revealed it was working on making it easier for developers to port iOS app into MacOS versions.


Apple will likely hone in on augmented reality during its iOS 13 demo. After all, at WWDC 2018, it announced ARKit 2, a major update to its AR platform. It even announced a file format for AR, called USDZ, which it made in conjunction with Pixar. While we haven't heard that ARKit 3 is coming, we do think it would be odd for Apple to not even mention ARKit during its conference for developers.

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Every year at WWDC, Apple tries to give Siri new life. Last year, it revealed Siri would be able to handle routines for the first time, with a new app called Shortcuts. 9to5Mac claimed this year we will see new "Siri intents" that developers can use, including for media playback, search, voice calls, event tickets, message attachment, train trips, flights, gate and seat information.

Nothing else concrete has emerged about is plans, but with all of Apple's primary rivals -- Google, Amazon, and even Facebook -- diligently working on or updating their assistances, you have to assume it's doing the same. Right?

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Apple debuted WatchOS 5 last year with features like Siri suggestions, a Podcast app, the ability to pay for items with Apple Pay via the notifications screen, a walkie-talkie mode, and a "Pride" watch face. Maybe we'll see the OS get another update this year with more improvements.

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tvOS and Apple TV+

As for tvOS, at WWDC 2018, Apple merely announced some new US-based partnerships and support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. This year, we expect to hear more about Apple TV+. Apple just unveiled the video streaming service in March, but we still don't have a release date or price.

What else can you expect?

Apple could preview a new Mac Pro. For two years, Apple has been working on an update to the Mac Pro, a high-end desktop Mac aimed at Apple's professional user base. The company has also been rumoured to be developing an update the budget iPhone SE phone. Little is known about either project, but if Apple were working on those, WWDC 2019 would be a great time to say so. 

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