Tim Cook and co took to the stage in Cupertino today to announce a new iPhone. Not an all-singing all-dancing flagship iPhone 7, but a new smaller iPhone, the iPhone SE.

It replaced the oldest handset in Apple's offering, as the iPhone 5S retires. But this new handset doesn't sit in the shadow of the other bigger iPhones. This handset is small but mighty. 

Here's a number of reasons why the iPhone SE is a phone that's worthy of your attention.

That's right. The iPhone SE has the same processor as the iPhone 6S, Apple's flagship handset, meaning it's not only much more powerful than the phone it replaces, but also last year's flagship. This might be smaller, but it's powerful.

Smaller means cheaper, and a lot cheaper. Both the iPhone 6S and the iPhone SE come in 16 or 64GB storage options, but the SE is £180 cheaper than the 6S, whichever you choose. It's even £100 cheaper than the iPhone 6. 

That's right. The iPhone SE might have a smaller display, but it's just as sharp as the iPhone 6S. That's because the pixels are packed in just as tightly, resulting in a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch. Look at text or an app, and it will be as crisp as the 6S, just smaller. 

That's right. It's not often that a smaller, cheaper, model has a better camera. But if photos are your thing, don't be tempted by the iPhone 6, grab the iPhone SE. This is a cheaper handset, but with an upgraded 12-megapixel camera, and support for Live Photos and 4K video capture. iPhone 6 can't do that. 

The iPhone SE is smaller and lighter than all the other iPhones. Sticking to a 4-inch display means you have room for the essentials, without carrying around a huge phone in your pocket or bag. It might be thickest at 7.6mm, but it's only 123.8mm tall, which is 14.5mm shorter than its next rival.