Apple is going extra green. And no, that's not a new iPhone colour variant. It's all to do with recycling, with Apple Renew - the company's trade-in and recycling incentive programme - announced proper at the company's iPhone SE and iPad Pro (9.7-inch) event.

So how can Apple Renew benefit you?

One, eligible devices - iPad, iPhone, Mac, even PC or non-Apple smartphone - will be rewarded with instant store credit or a loaded Apple Store gift card. Okay, so it's not cold hard cash, but it can go towards that next Apple product or third-party speaker, protective case or other device. Or be stingy and pass it off as a gift.

Two, you get peace of mind that any Apple device will be either responsibly recycled - including iPods or older Apple products - or completely dismantled part by part by an iPhone-hungry recycling robot named Liam. Yes, Apple has got a robot and given it a human name.

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You have two choices: go into an eligible Apple Store with your old device, or go online - to the official Apple trade-in page - and apply, with a free mailer sent to your address so you don't have to do any legwork.

Only Apple devices not in the current on-sale line-up are eligible, so if you have an iPhone 6, for example, that's fine. If you have a smashed iPhone 6S, however, the website doesn't offer trade-in options - you'd be better off getting any damage repaired in that case.

Older devices, whether Apple made or not, have a cut-off point for gift card eligibility. Any devices older than iPhone 4 or iPad 2, for example, aren't eligible. If you've got a not-so-hot Sony Xperia smartphone that might not make the grade either.

All iPod and any older Apple products will be accepted at certain Apple Stores only - there's a list on the Store locator site - for recycling but without any gift card reward. You just get the smugness of knowing you're helping the planet by not lobbing it in a lake or slipping it over a public park fence in the dark of night.

How much gift card cash can you get for your trade-in? It entirely depends on the device and its condition.

The maximum payload for iPhone and iPad is £275, which you could get for a 128GB iPhone 6, for example, assuming it meets all qualifying criteria. Not bad, as even selling on eBay in similar condition would only net you around £300 (ignoring eBay's significant fees).

The maximum for a Mac or PC will vary. At present the UK Dataserv site isn't functional, but the equivalent American onPower site - as Apple uses third-party vendors - can offer several hundred dollars for an operational MacBook. We presume the UK will offer similar value.

If your Mac or PC doesn't switch on, however, it is seen to be of zero value - which for some products, such as Mac Pro, seems nonsense (there's RAM in there to fish out, etc). The break-down for iPhone/iPad eligibility is more thorough, though, querying the state of the screen, bezel, whether the device has water damage, switches on, and if the buttons work.

While it's good to go green, Apple Renew is, in part, about Apple keeping you within its ecosystem. Other companies may offer similar trade-in incentives too, so don't feel like you're fixed to Apple - perhaps you're ready to leave.

If you want real cash then there are various options, from eBay to Gumtree, and Mazuma Mobile to WeBuyAnyPhone (in the UK - elsewhere in the world there will be similar alternatives).

But if you're looking to make the change or have unused iPads knocking around the house then Apple Renew is a clever trade-in point, with the added smugness of responsible recycling to boot.