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(Pocket-lint) - Talk of a smaller iPhone has been circulating for a long time. With Apple leaving the iPhone 5C untouched through the birth of the iPhone 6 and updated iPhone 6S, the ageing device was dropped from Apple's line-up, leaving the iPhone 5S as the "entry-level" model. 

But the tide of rumour has thrown up more speculatory driftwood in recent time, recently giving us the name of iPhone 5SE, and now giving us a photo of a rumoured new device too. 

Posted into the One More Thing website, this image was reportedly sent in from a source in Vietnam. The photo appears to show a new, smaller iPhone, sitting alongside an iPhone 5, based on the old-style home button. 

The new model appears to fit some rumours that appeared very recently that claimed that this device would be known as the iPhone 5SE, and that it would basically offer a 4-inch iPhone, fusing the iPhone 5S with some of the iPhone 6's additions.

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At the moment there's no way to verify the legitimacy of this image, it could easily be a clever Photoshop job, but we'd like to think that a smaller iPhone is on the way, for those who don't want a larger device. 

The device pictured here appears to match the dimensions of the iPhone 5, featuring curved edges to the display, as you'll find on the iPhone 6. However, the bodywork also appears to be metal, judging from what we can see of the side of the device. 

If this is the real deal, we'd expect the flood gates to open, leaving us to see a lot more pictures of this rumoured new iPhone. 

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Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 25 January 2016.