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(Pocket-lint) - Apple has shown off its latest iOS 9.3 update and the most notable thing about it is a new Night Shift feature.

Night Shift is basically a night mode for iOS devices, as it reduces the amount of blue light iPhones and iPads emit during the evening hours. Studies have shown that blue light can negatively impact sleep by affecting the body's circadian rhythm, but with the new Night Shift mode enabled, your iPhone's screen will instead emit warmer and, essentially, yellower colours.

These colours in the spectrum effectively cut down on the amount of blue light shining through at night. Keep in mind this mode is both automatic and temporary, and during the day, your iPhone's screen will go back to mimicking natural daylight. Apple is not the first company however to test such a feature or even launch it. Amazon, for instance, offers a similar thing on its devices.

The first major update to Fire OS 5 - a forked version of Android powering Amazon's tablets - introduced something called Blue Shade earlier this month. It also changes display colour and brightness so Amazon's tablets are optimised for nighttime. According to Amazon, many studies indicate that blue light coming from tablet displays suppress melatonin production at night.

Night Shift for Apple's devices is currently available to developers who have downloaded the iOS 9.3 beta and will be coming in the update soon. Beyond that feature, the software also includes the ability for an iPhone to pair with more than one Apple Watch as well as improvements to Apple News, Notes, Health, and CarPlay.

Notes now has protection thanks to its use of TouchID to unlock the notes made. Health, which has over 2500 apps that push data into the app, now has added health suggestions to place data on the iPhone dash. News, introduced with iOS 9 is now used by over 50 million users who can enjoy the new Top Stories and Editor's Picks features. CarPlay's Apple Music now has recommendations from experts and more based your preferences. The apps now offers the nearby feature to find petrol, restaurants, parking and more with a tap.

It's worth noting that there are third-party apps that perform a similar function to Night Shift, such as f.lux.

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Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 11 January 2016.