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(Pocket-lint) - Arcam has a clever new iPhone case that it is working on that doubles-up on functions. Not only is the MusicBoost a battery case, but it contains a DAC and headphone amp too, so as the name suggests, it will upgrade the audio experience of your iPhone.

Compatible with iPhone 6 and 6S, you simply slot your iPhone into it to enjoy the benefits. There's a Lightning connector in the bottom to connect to your phone, and Micro-USB on the bottom of MusicBoost to change the internal battery.

That battery is good for 120 per cent battery increase on your device, so it should double it and then some.

However, when you plug in your headphones some of that power will go to powering the on-board DAC and amp. This means you bypass the in-device DAC as you're not using the iPhone's headphone socket, and use some of Arcam's audio skills to boost your music. This is what Arcam is good at, after all.

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The headphone amp means there is an increased power output for driving larger, more demanding, headphones too. Because this is taking audio from the Lightning port, it will upgrade any audio you throw at it, be that from iTunes, Spotify, or any other player you might be using.

The Arcam MusicBoost is yet to be officially launched, but it should be appearing in early December, retailing for about £120.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 6 November 2015.