A new line of modified iPhone 6S phones is now available for you to buy, if you got tonnes of money to spend.

A luxury company that specialises in customising iPhones has partnered with a French fashion boutique to launch new versions of the iPhone 6S, and it's starting to sell these devices on the very same day that Apple has released the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. The first series of phones, for instance, was shown off earlier today at Colette's concept store in Paris.

The series includes a limited-edition Double Carbon model and a Dark Graphite model from the Wood collection. Pricing for these two devices isn't immediately available on the Feld & Volk's website, though MacRumours said they'll eachstart at "several thousand" US dollars. The company uses premium materials after all, such as carbon fiber, titanium, and wood.

These fancy materials are used to construct custom back panels for the iPhone 6S, along with Apple logos that can glow. Feld & Volk said it will begin shipping its two iPhone 6S models on 30 September, while additional, custom iPhone 6S models are also in the works. If you'd like to see them in person, Feld & Volk has made them available in Colette as of today.

Feld & Volkthis custom iphone 6s belongs to a new luxury series from feld volk and colette image 2

Keep in mind Feld & Volk collaborated with Colette in the past on modified iPhone 6 phones. Also, if you recall, Collette is the same fashion boutique company that Apple worked with for the first preview of the Apple Watch.

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