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(Pocket-lint) - With the launch of iOS 9, Apple released a new app called Apple News. It isn't currently available in the UK, but that doesn't stop you from accessing it if you are happy to give up your English way of speaking and typing.

For those keen to get the new app that delivers curated news from a number of sources, including Pocket-lint, you should follow these easy steps:

  • Go to Settings, General, Language & Region
  • Change the Region from United Kingdom to United States
  • Once you tap on Done, you'll be asked to confirm whether you want to Change to English (United States) or Keep English (United Kingdom)
  • Tap on Change to English (United States) and wait for the screen to reset
  • The News app should automatically appear. If it doesn't, manually restart your iPad or iPhone and it will then
  • Apple News will now be on your device and is ready to access the global network of UK and US news sites available
  • To ensure "colour" isn't automatically changed to "color", go back into Language & Region settings, and then change the iPad or iPhone language to English (U.K.)


Be warned however. Switching the Language and Region settings will have a direct effect on how your Apple device automatically acts. The date format will be 9/15/15, rather than 15/9/15, for instance, and the location of the £ symbol for the $ symbol on the keyboard will be different, amongst other things.

If you decide you don't like these changes, you can always quickly switch back, though you would lose the Apple News app from your homepage.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.