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(Pocket-lint) - Goldgenie, the company that turns normal gadgets into expensive, luxury items by generally covering them in real gold, has given its hints as to when we might find out more about Apple's next smartphone. And has even opened its doors to customers who wish to pre-register their interest in a special edition version.

"Be the first to get your customised iPhone 6S," it claims on a dedicated webpage. There's also a countdown clock that points towards 2pm BST 31 August. Why? We're not entirely sure because every indication we've heard so far suggests Apple will hold its annual press event on 9 September, but it's intriguing none-the-less.

Goldgenie also shows a picture of what a special edition gift set containing the iPhone 6S will look like. It will come with a matched Apple Watch in that particularly set, both covered in 24K gold.

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You can expect to spend a fair penny on the set as a 24K iPhone 6 currently costs just shy of £2,000, as does an Apple Watch covered in gold. So that's £4,000 from the off.

The iPhone 6S, says Goldgenie, will also be available from the company in platinum or rose gold. The phone can also be laser engraved with a personalised message.

Customers registering their interest on the dedicated page will be informed by Goldgenie when the collection is being launched.

Writing by Rik Henderson.