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(Pocket-lint) - Most iPhone 6 owners will be lucky to get a full day on a charge, but there is hope. One modified iPhone 6 lasts an entire week, thanks to hydrogen fuel cells.

Essentially the modified iPhone 6 uses a miniaturised version of a hydrogen fuel cell system found in cars.

British company, Intelligent Energy, created the weeklong iPhone and said it is now considering pricing of the cartridges for sale.

The one of a kind smartphone was reportedly created in conjunction with Apple, suggesting it could even be sold built into new iPhones.

This phone still uses its rechargeable battery but also has a hydrogen source to charge it. The only visible difference to a normal iPhone 6 is a small vent to let out an imperceptible amount of water vapour, plus a modified headphone port for refilling the cell.

The model that will be available to the public should be a disposable cartridge that slots onto the bottom of a smartphone and can keep the device running for a week. Presumably this could work on other phones also.

Mark Lawson-Statham, the company’s corporate finance chief told The Telegraph: "Our view is that this is a couple of years out but really it’s about how quickly does our partner want to press the button and get on with it?" Apple declined to comment.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.