Apple looks set to improve its camera in the next iPhone. Rumours of a 12-megapixel sensor with improved lens add to leaks that also suggest the new snapper.

The latest rumour pointing towards the upgraded snapper comes from a source of Business Insider Malaysia, who works within Apple's supply chain.

The source claims that the larger 12-megapixel sensor will be able to let in more light so that night-shots are clearer and there is less blur. Purportedly the lens is also being improved with a five-element offering that should work better with the new sensor.

Essentially, more lenses mean a greater complexity to images as more details are captured by each layer.

According to the source these components are in the mass production stage suggesting they will arrive soon, likely in the iPhone 6S.

The same source also claimed that a later device, presumably the iPhone 7, will come with an even better six-element lens. Many competitors already have six-element lenses in their smartphones that should result in better light capturing abilities, meaning clearer photos.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 6S on 9 September with pre-orders to begin on 11 September and shipping from 18 September.