Incredible iPhone photos, bringing movies and TV shows into the real world

Dourlen brings movie, cartoon and TV show characters to life in the real world by holding his phone up to everyday objects. And the results are brilliant. (image credit: François Dourlen)
Is SpongeBob SquarePants' Patrick Star a good enough character to earn his own star on the Hollywood walk of fame? He is now.  (image credit: François Dourlen)
Poor Bart, he's had to write out lines on that chalkboard so many times over the years. We'd love to see the little Simpson character doing it in real life.  (image credit: François Dourlen)
Everyone's favourite yellow-skinned brainiac has made it into the real world where her spikey tipped hair has become the points of a nearby sunflower.  (image credit: François Dourlen)
Tom Cruise approves this promotional photo for the new Top Gun film. This rider is a real maverick, so it only seems fitting.  (image credit: François Dourlen)
What if Pickle Rick was actually cactus Rick? This actually might be more fitting as Rick is often quite prickly.  (image credit: François Dourlen)
Donkey might have been one of the best characters in the Shrek films and we imagine he would be great fun to hang out with. (image credit: François Dourlen)
There are plenty of famous statues of archers, including one dedicated to Robin Hood, but no one has ever made one for the Disney version. Until now.  (image credit: François Dourlen)
With a new Rambo film on the horizon, it's only fitting to include this amazing image of Sly angrily manning a tourist spot telescope.  (image credit: François Dourlen)
Snow White is seen here nursing an apple. We hope it's not poisoned. (image credit: François Dourlen)
Even the world's most famous Italian plumber needs a break every now and then. (image credit: François Dourlen)
Great Scott! Lightning is not likely to strike this wall clock, but if it did, maybe we could use 1.21 gigawatts to travel back to the future.  (image credit: François Dourlen)
It seems that those pesky Minions are getting all over the place. First bobbing about on the ocean, now hiding in plain sight in the streets.  (image credit: François Dourlen)
Dumbo in the real world with massive ears that any self-respecting cartoon elephant would be proud of.  (image credit: François Dourlen)
Would it be safe to have a drinking session with Tyrion Lannister? (image credit: François Dourlen)
This hallway does actually remind us of that film quite well. It has the right vibe for sure.  (image credit: François Dourlen)
If tiny dinosaurs got loose in your bedroom, do you think it would be useful to have a mini Chris Pratt on hand to tame them? We sure do.  (image credit: François Dourlen)
2009's Up was an enjoyable watch for the whole family. Now it's been bought to life with gumballs. Though we're not sure they'd float quite as well.  (image credit: François Dourlen)