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(Pocket-lint) - Apple has listened to our Wi-Fi woes and come up with a solution that'll stop your iPhone from latching onto weak signals. Hallelujah!

Imagine you're connected to the Wi-Fi in your house, then you go outside to mow the lawn, and while doing that, you check your email but can't seem to get any messages to load. It's because you're still connected to your home's Wi-Fi - and the signal is too weak. It's just spinning. After all, you're all the way outside and far from your router.

Typically, you'd have to shut off Wi-Fi under settings in order to totally disconnect from your close-but-not-close-enough router and then switch over to cellular data. With on cellular data, your emails and everything will load as normal, but it's tedious to have to go into settings and do all that. Why can't Apple let your iPhone automatically do this for you?

Well, with iOS 9, Apple plans to do just that. A new feature called Wi-Fi Assist has appeared in the latest developer beta of iOS 9. It will allow your iPhone to fall back to cellular data when Wi-Fi is poor. It looks like a simple toggle you can enable just once, and then it'll automatically do the switch for you - for good. No more disabling Wi-Fi altogether.

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If you're a part of the iOS public beta, you can update now and start using Wi-Fi Assist right away. You can find it in Settings under the "cellular" section. If you're not interested in joining the public beta, you'll have to wait until this autumn. iOS 9 is expected to publicly release in about two months.

Writing by Elyse Betters.