Apple will unveil three new iPhones on 12 September, and among them will be the iPhone 8 - or iPhone Edition as has been recently claimed - and it's expected to usher in a whole new design for Apple's ubiquitous smartphone.

Among the design changes will be an OLED display and no Touch ID home button for the first time since the iPhone was launched. 

Because of the expectation and hype surrounding the next iPhone launch, graphic designers have taken to the drawing board to come up with designs based on rumours, as well as features they'd love to see.

Of course, not all of them will right, some are obscure while others could be seen as a little ordinary. But they do give us a rough idea of what to expect when Tim Cook holds the iPhone 8 aloft on stage in September.

Jermaine Spitapple iphone 8 in pictures renders and leaked photos image 3

We got our first look of what the iPhone 8 could look like way back in 2015, even before the iPhone 6S was released. This first render was dreamt up by Jermaine Spit and gave the iPhone 8 two screens, one on either side.

One screen would be a 2K display for watching movies, TV shows and the like, while the other would be a low-power 480p display for everyday tasks and to maintain strong battery life. Spit's iPhone 8 follows a similar design language to the iPhone 4 and 5, with a metal band around the middle with glass front and back panels creating a sandwich.

It's highly unlikely the iPhone 8 will come with two screens, we have heard rumours to suggest it will feature an all glass design.

Twitterapple iphone 8 in pictures renders and leaked photos image 5

This iPhone 8 concept plays on the rumour of a bezel-less display, but that's about it. It looks like someone has just stretched the screen to the edges.

It looks good though, and loses the home button, something else Apple is expected to do in favour of an embedded Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

iPhone8Look.comapple iphone 8 in pictures renders and leaked photos image 6 has come up with this concept image of what it thinks the next iPhone could look like. We have to say though, we severely doubt Apple's next smartphone will look anything like it. 

It looks far too thin, too square and the camera locations look way off too. Still, it's nice to have a go, eh?

Veniamin Geskinapple iphone 8 in pictures renders and leaked photos image 4

Veniamin Geskin's idea of what the iPhone 8 will look like is an interesting. It plays on the rumour of an edge-to-edge curved display, similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and shows what could potentially be an incredibly good looking smartphone.

It's not clear from the image if the home button has remained, but it does look as though Geskin has kept the dual-lens camera of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Techconfigurationsapple iphone 8 in pictures renders and leaked photos image 10

Techconfigurations has come up with a rather farfetched concept for the iPhone 8. It takes the rumour of a curved edge display and make both sides of the phone curved to create a sort of squashed cylinder effect.

The dual-lens camera from the iPhone 7 Plus remains, but in this particular render it has been moved to top centre of the rear panel as opposed to being in the top corner. It's unlikely Apple will move the camera, since it has been in the top left corner (as you look at it) since the very first version.

ConceptsiPhoneapple iphone 8 in pictures renders and leaked photos image 7

ConceptsiPhone has uploaded a short video to YouTube to show off its idea of what the iPhone 8 could look like. It's possibly the most realistic one yet and conforms with many of the rumours we've already heard.

There's no physical home button, with the fingerprint scanner instead embedded into the display. The bottom of the iPhone 8 also hosts a touch panel, similar to the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro. It can change its functions depending on what app is being used. 

It also has an edgeless display, along with incredibly slim bezels top and bottom. The video also depicts a dual-lens camera and connector pins, similar to those on the iPad Pro. 

ConceptsiPhoneapple iphone 8 in pictures renders and leaked photos image 8

ConceptsiPhone has uploaded a second video to YouTube showing a newly designed iPhone 8, that builds upon the version in the previous video. The new variant, designed by Thadeu Brandão, keeps the home button in place, but gives it some new dynamic features. The screen will take up the entire front of the device, stretching all the way over the home button and to the bottom of the phone. The home button then becomes part of what looks like a Touch Bar, similar to the design on the previous ConceptsiPhone video. 

The use of the home button changes depending on what application you're using. It could be to take a picture in Camera, be assigned various editing functions in Photos or offer quick access to relevant apps, for example Instagram and Whats App to share pictures when in Photos. It looks utterly gorgeous and if the iPhone 8 looks anything like it, consider us sold.

Incriptorapple iphone 8 in pictures renders and leaked photos image 9

Another iPhone 8 concept has appeared on the ConceptsiPhone YouTube account, from designer Incriptor. The concept design shows the iPhone 8 with a glass screen that covers the entire front of the device, and sees the removal of the home button. But this design does introduce a new feature that we've not heard of before, a second screen on the rear.

The second screen is used to show notifications such as WhatsApp messages, Instagram notifications and heart rate readings. The rear of the phone appears to be all-glass, so integrating a second screen could be possible. Just how useful a secondary display on the rear of the iPhone would be remains to be seen.

iDrop Newsapple iphone 8 in pictures renders and leaked photos image 11

Twitter user @VenyaGeskin1 has pinned a tweet to his timeline showing this rendered model of the iPhone X. It shows the new, vertical camera array on the rear that has been recently rumoured, and an elongated power button on the right hand side. There is also no obvious Touch ID sensor on the rear (something that has been recently suggested would make an appearance), which implies Apple will integrate the fingerprint scanner into the screen on the front. 

Both renders show the iPhone X with a full-screen display, with minimal bezels all the way around. It shows apps arranged in the same way as iOS users will be all too familiar with, although now includes information such as current song playing, with controls, along the bottom. We wonder if this area of the screen will be customisable to show different control centre information.

VenyaGeskin1apple iphone 8 in pictures renders and leaked photos image 12

Geskin has also posted pictures of what is claimed to be a CNC-machine dummy model of the iPhone 8/X. Like the renders above, it shows a vertical camera array and longer power buttons, and it also shows no Touch ID sensor on the rear. However, it also doesn't show an Apple logo, something we know should feature on the new phone, so we can't be sure how close to the final design this dummy model is.

The model also shows an incredibly shiny metal frame, similar to the rear of the old iPod Classic. Whether this will be the only colour finish for the frame remains to be seen. We'd expect Apple to offer the new iPhone in black and white front and rear colours at least. 

iDrop Newsapple iphone 8 in pictures renders and leaked photos image 13

iDrop News has posted a new set of renders of the alleged iPhone 8, this time focusing on a possible function area at the bottom of the screen. Because the iPhone 8 is expected to feature a bezel-less display, a feature such as a function area could be possible. The renders show it being used for many different purposes, depending on what app is being used.

For example on the home screen, controls for music could be seen all the time, to save swiping up to access the control centre. But when you're in the photos app, the function area would change to editing controls. It's also been suggested that Apple could implement the Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the function area, but this is still up for debate. 

Schematic drawings have shown the sensor being on the rear, while others have reported it will stay on the front, so for now, we're none the wiser.

OnLeaks x GearIndiaapple iphone 8 in pictures renders and leaked photos image 14

Twitter tipster @OnLeaks has teamed up with GearIndia once again to produce a video showing a render of the iPhone 8, based on leaked CAD drawings. The video shows what could perhaps be described as our closest look at Apple's commemorative smartphone yet.

It shows the edge-to-edge display we've come to expect, a vertical rear camera module, and implies the Touch ID sensor will be embedded into the screen, as it's nowhere to be seen on the rear. 

BGRApple iPhone 8 in pictures renders and leaked photos image 15

News site BGR obtained what it said were actual design mock ups of the iPhone 8, and so were the best look yet of its final design. All the features we've come to expect are present, such as a vertical camera array and bezel-less front screen. Because the phone in the pictures is just a dummy model, it doesn't make it clear where the Touch ID sensor will go. The lack of button on the back would suggest it will be in the screen, but from this model in particular, it's hard to tell. 

EverythingAppleProApple iPhone 8 in pictures renders and leaked photos image 16

YouTube user EverythingApplePro got his hands on what he says is the official dummy model that Apple sends to case manufacturers, so that they can get the dimensions and cutout areas spot on. While it doesn't look much different to other renders and leaked photos we've been before, it's good to see the phone in the flesh and on camera. This dummy model still implies the Touch ID sensor will be embedded in the screen.

Apple IPhone 8 in pictures renders and leaked photos image 17

Case manufacturer Nodus has received a CAD model of the iPhone 8 to help with its new cases. This image shows one of Nodus' upcoming cases for the iPhone 8, with a rendered version of the phone. The render is based on the CAD model and rumours that have been circulating. The image clearly shows the iPhone with an all-screen front panel, although it doesn't show whether or not it has an embedded Touch ID sensor. 

Evan BlassApple iPhone 8 in pictures Renders and leaked photos image 18

Reliable Twitter tipster Evan Blass posted this image of the iPhone 8 in a case on his feed. The case is thought to one from UAG - Urban Armour Gear - a company that makes cases for all manner of mobiles. The render of the phone itself takes into account all of the previous design rumours surrounding the iPhone 8, including the all-screen front panel and cutout at the top. Of course, it is just a render, so could be manipulated to fit the case.

1/4Quentin Theron

Designer Quentin Theron has released a set of renders showing how Apple could market the iPhone 8 when it's launched, based on some of its previous adverts. His renders also show the iPhone 8 in four potential colour options; black, gold, rose gold and silver. One of the images shows the iPhone 8 with a clown fish wallpaper, which could be a nod to the original iPhone, considering the iPhone 8 is the 10th anniversary model.  

A video purporting to show an actual iPhone 8 has appeared online, although it's small and quite blurry. However it's clear to distinguish an all-screen front panel with a cutout section at the top that will be used to house the front-facing camera and facial recognition sensors. It's not clear if the phone is definitely the new iPhone, but it certainly gives us a much clearer look.