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(Pocket-lint) - Apple Pay is coming to the UK in July, but so far Apple has remained tight-lipped on exactly when you'll be able to pay using your iPhone, rather than your debit or credit card.

It looks like Waitrose has now spilled the flageolet beans thanks to a leaked internal memo, detailing that Apple Pay will have a live date of 14 July.

The document, appearing on 9to5Mac, covers the sort of details you'd expect to find. It says that the limit is £20 (standard for UK contactless payments) and that customers can pay with both iPhone and Watch.

In the future the retailer plans to put up a "new ways to pay" notice, so all those popping into Waitrose for a the fine selection of grocery goods offered, will know how they can pay for them.

As we all know, at the point of sale there are no changes needed for Apple Pay to work, as the UK already has a contactless payment system in place and Apple is just joining in the fun.

We suspect that we're just waiting for Apple to press the button, allow Apple users in the UK to add payment cards to Apple Wallet and for a big advertising push from banks, retailers, Apple and all involved, to say it's now live.

We've also heard from various quarters that the £20 payment limited will be lifted. There's a scheduled increase to £30 for all contactless payments coming in September, but we've already heard Boots the Chemists confirm that limitless contactless payments will be available from November.

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Controversially, Barclays Bank is currently the only major UK bank that's not supporting Apple Pay, meaning that Barclays customers will have keep using their cards as they currently do.

There's no official word from Apple, but we're expecting next week to be all about Apple Pay.

Writing by Chris Hall.