The winners of the 8th annual iPhone Photography Awards have been announced and wow, are some of the shots absolutely stunning.

Founded in 2007 soon after the iPhone first launched, the awards looks to reward photographers who've ditched their camera in favour of the Apple smartphone.

This year saw thousands of images submitted by iPhone photographers from 120 countries around the world.

Winners are selected by jury members in a multi-step process and The Photographers of the Year are then awarded.

The three Photographers of the Year Awards this year go to Michal Koralewski of Poland, David Craik of the United Kingdom and Yvonne Lu of the United States.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in 19 categories were awarded to 57 photographers.

"This year’s entries were especially impressive ranging from intimate, thought-provoking moments to stunning, captivating imagery," said IPPAWARDS creator Kenan Aktulun. "We’d like to congratulate all of our winners who once again showed the ability of the iPhone to take astonishing photographs."

And their prize? The three Photographer of the Year Award winners will receive an Apple Watch Sport. The first place winner in each category will be awarded a Gold Bar from the most recognisable private gold mint in the world.

You can check out the full list of winners at the website.