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(Pocket-lint) - Although there is a lot of talk about an Apple iPhone 7 for later this year, it is more likely that the company will continue with its traditional naming and release conventions in making 2015 an "S" year. That means that rather than an iPhone 7, we'll get an iPhone 6S. Possibly also an iPhone 6S Plus.

However, last time we had an "S" year the Cupertino firm also pulled a cheaper, plastic covered phone out of the hat, the iPhone 5C, so could we see something similar again?

Marketing agency 3DFuture and its rendering artists seem to think so, preparing for a prospective announcement in the autumn by pre-empting what the device might look like.

It has based its iPhone 6C on the current iPhone 6, but has added a polycarbonate shell for the rear, much like the 5C, and in the same colour schemes too.

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We love the coloured circle around the TouchID fingerprint sensor/home button at the bottom in the concept images. And spec-wise, if Apple sticks to a trend it started with the 5C the iPhone 6C would be identical inside to the current iPhone 6. An iPhone 6S would have a bump in processor, etc.

Of course, Apple might decide it doesn't need a cheaper alternative this time around and just reduce the price of the iPhone 6 considering it's already a beautifully designed handset.

Nonetheless, flick through the gallery above and admire some masterful concept rendering work at least.

Writing by Rik Henderson.