Apple may have its sights set on the mega-popular GoPro camera range with plans to create its own version.

A patent has been granted to Apple for a remote-controlled action camera very like the GoPro Hero range. The patent mentions using a watch to control the camera remotely. With Apple Watch expected to arrive in the next few months perhaps we'll see a sports camera too.

In the patent Apple points out weaknesses in the GoPro which is wants to fix for its camera. It mentions the multiple mounting accessories that are needed for GoPro to use it on different things like helmets or bike handlebars. Apple, apparently, wants to create a camera with a mount that can work on whatever you need. It should also feature camera sensors that allow video coverage from multiple directions.

If these factors weren't enough Apple has gone further with its patent also mentioning an underwater mic to keep recording sound while swimming or diving.

The stock price of GoPro dropped massively after the Apple patent was first released. Of course this doesn't mean Apple will actually release the product but does lend this patent quite a bit more weight.