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(Pocket-lint) - It looks like Apple may be joining the likes of Samsung and LG by creating a flexible iPhone. A patent has been revealed showing an iPhone with a curved screen and frame.

Samsung has the Galaxy Round and LG has the G Flex 2, but Apple's patent suggests its curved handset will be more than just a bend. This iPhone should be flexible right down to the components.

By introducing circuit boards and batteries that can bend along with the screen and frame Apple will be effectively creating a phone that's very difficult to break.

The phone could go beyond the definition of a phone as we know it. There are further pictures of the patent showing it wrapped around fully to become a bracelet that can be worn. Perhaps this is the future of wearables and smartphones as they merge into one unit.

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Appleapple flexible iphone concept revealed image 2

The patent suggests the flexible phone would be reactive to pressure meaning a squeeze of the wrist worn version of the phone could be enough to mute notifications for example.

Apple suggests the cases could be made from plastic, thin glass, fibre composites or a combination of materials able to withstand the flexing.

While this is an exciting idea, and likely the way of the future, it's not a new concept. Nokia proposed devices like these years ago and still we've not come much closer. But perhaps Apple will be the one to push the boundaries of design enhancing phones and watches all in one fell swoop.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.