You know how as soon as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were released floods of complaints (well, one or two) hit the net about the phones bending in pockets? Well, now there's a fresh Apple scandal about the handset: Cokegate.

Apparently, if you accidentally drop your iPhone into a pan of boiling Coca-Cola it doesn't work afterwards. Quick, call trading standards and ensure that Twitter is swamped with Apple hatred because surely it should have though of this scenario when designing the new devices?

After all, we often have pans on the go all around us containing all manner of scalding soft drinks. Only the other day we accidentally dropped a Nike+ FuelBand into a steaming saucepan of Lilt. It was neither tasty, nor totally tropical afterwards.

If you don't believe us, YouTube channel TechRax showed the results of dropping a new iPhone 6 into a pan of rapidly reducing boiling Coke to shocking if not completely obvious results. You won't believe what happens. Well, actually you will, but it's worth watching anyway.

We bet that wouldn't happen to a Samsung Galaxy S5. Mainly because it's made of plastic.

We also understand that the Coca-Cola afterwards actually tasted slightly better. Probably.