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(Pocket-lint) - The first dot update to iOS 8 - called iOS 8.1 - has released. It includes the iCloud Photo Library, the return of the Camera Roll, functionality for some Continuity features, Apple Pay, and of course bug fixes.

Apple announced at a special event in Cupertino on 16 October that it would soon roll out an updated version of iOS 8. The company already issued two minor updates for the software since September, in order to fix a problem that prevented apps from supporting Health as well as another problem that stopped phone functionality in iPhone 6 smartphones, but iOS 8.1 is considered a major update with both new features and bug fixes.

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iCloud Photo Library and Camera Roll

Starting off with iCloud Photo Library, the new feature will allow you to save pictures and videos from your iOS device to your iCloud account. It is releasing with iOS 8.1 and must be enabled. You can access it through any iOS device or through the iCloud website. Also, when iOS 8 launched, Apple tossed the Camera Roll in favour of something called Recently Added. Apple is now bringing back the Camera Roll due to complaints.

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Apple's Continuity feature contains many sub-features that let you easily switch between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Some of these smaller sub-features include include Handoff, Phone Calling, Instant Hotspot, and SMS from any device. Although a few Continuity features became available when Apple launched Yosemite for Macs last week, iOS 8.1 will bring support for SMS from any device and Instant Hotspot.

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Apple Pay

Apple Pay is another feature launching with iOS 8.1. It is a mobile payment service that will let you pay for things at retailers and restaurants using only your iOS device rather than a credit or debit card. It uses NFC to wirelessly communicate as well as Touch ID and Passbook for authorization.

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Bug fixes

The iOS 8.1 update includes a bug fixe for an issue that makes it difficult for iOS 8 users to pair with Bluetooth devices, among other things. It also includes new alerts for when running low on space before capturing Time Lapse videos.

Once Apple releases iOS 8.1, you should get a notification. You can also go to Software Update under General in Settings to see if you can update manually. The easiest way to install iOS 8 is wirelessly - also called over the air -through the Software Update option in Settings. Simply tap Download to download the mobile operating system update while your device is connected to both Wi-Fi and a power source.

Make sure to tap Install once the download completes. If your device is passcode enabled, you will need to enter the passcode.

Game emulators

The iOS 8.1 update does however break a loophole found by many third-party app emulators that allowed you to play GameBoy games on the iPhone. If you are enjoying those kind of apps, updating to iOS 8.1 is likely to mean they won't work any more. 

Writing by Elyse Betters.