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(Pocket-lint) - Luxury phone and phone accessory brand Gresso has plenty of premium products up its sleeve to make your phone look extra special, but the latest could also have a very topical use too. The Gresso Titanium Cases for iPhone 6 will be available for pre-order from 1 October and it's unlikely even Uri Geller could bend a device wrapped in one.

Of course, as it's Gresso and the cases are designed for the more discerning customers, they come at a cost. Indeed, they start at $2,000 (£1,230) and that's if you settle for the Gresso logo also being engraved in Titanium. Opt for 18ct gold or white gold and you can add another $1,000 to that.

here s one way to stop your iphone 6 bending will cost you 2 000 mind image 2

There's good news though for those who aren't professional footballers and want a touch of the Gresso magic too, the company has also created a similar design in aluminium, available for a far smaller outlay.

The aluminium versions of the Gresso Case for the iPhone 6 retail for a much more reasonable $90 (£55) apiece and can still take up to 300lbs of pressure before bending. They are made of CNC machined aluminium and the back panel is just 2mm thick. However, the design structure is such that the case is highly resistant to stress, compression and bending.

They will be available from October in black, gold or silver and you can find out more on the Gresso Miami website.

Writing by Rik Henderson.