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(Pocket-lint) - It's not taken the site long, but iFixit has posted its teardown of the mahoosive iPhone 6 Plus, revealing that the new flagship device from Apple is actually easier to repair than its predecessor.

The iPhone 5S was known to be a tricky sort when it came to internal issues. Several components were hard to get to for independent repair specialists and it was advised that owners with problems book themselves into a Genius bar. While Pocket-lint would always favour that action anyway, it seems the iPhone 6 Plus is more suited for external repair.

iphone 6 plus teardown reveals it s easier to fix than iphone 5s image 2

It scores seven out of 10 on iFixit's repairability scale, which is good. Significantly, Apple has made it easier to open using a special Pentalobe screwdriver because it has re-routed the Touch ID fingerprint sensor cable on the inside. This previously made the iPhone 5S very tricky to even open up, with the possibility of the cable being torn or snapped.

Other key points include the ease at which the display assembly can be removed, making screen repairs much more simple. And the battery is straightforward to access.

iphone 6 plus teardown reveals it s easier to fix than iphone 5s image 3

Teardown site iFixit also found out some interesting details on the camera's optical image stabilisation technology when it disassembled the camera module. It found that contact readings from the gyroscope and motion coprocessor feed back to the lens assembly, which compensates to counteract human motion and shakes. End result, more stable and sharper images.

It's not a new technology for the industry, with LG certainly adopting it in recent times in its smartphones, but it is an important step for Apple fans.

Writing by Rik Henderson.