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(Pocket-lint) - Some might think it overhyped and a bit of a circus, but nobody can deny that that launch of a new iPhone is a massive event in the world of tech. It not only affects the gadget and phone industries but is treated as news of international importance by TV and radio stations worldwide. And this year we have two of the devices being launched at the same time. Double bubble.

Of course, we've been covering the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices since they were announced little over a week ago - even before thanks to rumour and speculation - so here's some of the things we recommend you catch up on if you're thinking of plumping for either phone today or over the next few weeks. You might have already snagged one and want to know more about the new iOS 8 operating system. Or you might be happy with your current Apple device and looking for secrets buried within iOS 8.

Hopefully, these articles, reviews and guides will help you out...

Apple iPhone 6 review

"Apple's flagship iPhone has been updated and upgraded bringing with it a new design, new features, and new excitement. With the rest of the year's smartphones laid out - except the next Nexus - this is the time for the iPhone to reassert itself against competition that's stronger than ever..." READ MORE

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Apple iPhone 6 Plus review

"You wait a year for a new iPhone and then two come along at once. A surprise to many, Apple released not only the iPhone 6 but also the iPhone 6 Plus, a monster of a phone that comes with a 5.5-inch display, higher screen resolution, a larger battery, and optical image stabilisation..." READ MORE

Best apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: The first iOS 8 games and apps you must download

"We have put together a list of the iOS 8-enhanced apps that are available for download right now. These, we feel are the first bunch you should check out, either if you've just got hold of a brand new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, or if you've just downloaded iOS 8 to your phone or tablet. Enjoy..." READ MORE

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Best iPhone 6 cases: Treat your new Apple devices

"Pre-orders opened last Friday with 4 million Apple iPhone 6s selling in the first 24 hours and now the two devices have hit shelves so if you already have, or plan to get your hands on one of them, here is a round up of some great cases to protect them..." READ MORE

The best mobile phone deals for the Samsung S21, iPhone 12, Google Pixel 4a / 5, OnePlus 8T and more

iOS 8 Tips and tricks: See what your iPhone and iPad can do now

"There should be plenty here for new users and power users alike to get the most out of the new operating system when they upgrade their current iPhone or switch to the new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus..." READ MORE

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iOS 8 keyboards: Here's the top ones to try, and how to set them up

"iOS 8 is here and seeing as Apple announced earlier this summer not only a new and smarter keyboard for iOS 8 but also support for third-party keyboards, that means you get to chose what's the best one for you right now rather than having to wait any longer..." READ MORE

Apple iOS 8 review: New powers for your old iPhone

"It's that time of year again, the time when Apple updates its software, giving iPhone and iPad users on new and old devices a breath of life, saving them from the heartache of not being able to afford the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (they are lovely, by the way)..." READ MORE

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Making the switch: Here's how to go from Android to iPhone 6 or 6 Plus

"We're leaving Android, for iOS (or, more specifically, for the iPhone 6 Plus). We're not platform-prejudice, as we've used everything from the Nokia Lumia 1020 to the HTC One M8, but lately we've strictly been toting around an Android phone. We're also using a LTE-enabled Chromebook for simpler web-based things and sheer portability. Despite being currently cloud-wired into Google's ecosystem, we're still more than willing to give Apple's latest (and biggest) iPhone a go..." READ MORE

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Asphalt 8: Airborne is first Metal ready game for iOS 8, and boy does it look lovely

"Apple has rolled out iOS 8, meaning several games are currently updating for the new operating system. One of which is Gameloft's Asphalt 8: Airborne which has been rehashed to support the new iOS 8 feature Metal. So now the racing title now looks better than ever - if that's even possible..." READ MORE

Apple iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus: What's the difference?

"Once again, Apple is calling these the best iPhones it's ever made, with two devices firmly placed to destroy the big screen advantage that Android has enjoyed for a couple of years, and having played with both we have to agree. They are magnificent, but which one should you choose? Here we pit the two devices against each other..." READ MORE

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Apple Pay hands-on: Shopping with your iPhone

"Apple doesn't just make gadgets now, it also has a payment service that is likely to change the way people use their phone in the future and possibly even usher in a world where credit cards slowly disappear..." READ MORE

Writing by Rik Henderson.