Many, ourselves included, were thrilled to learn that the new iPhones will finally embrace NFC and contactless payments, like their Android and Windows Phone rival devices have been including for years. However, unlike many of the phones on those operating systems, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will only be able to use their NFC tech for Apple Pay. At least initially.

Reports claim that Apple will be restricting third-party access to its newly-included NFC chip technology and that developers will not be able to build support into their apps. That means functionality, such as one-tap pairing with Bluetooth speakers and other devices, will not be available from the off.

Some even suggest that it could take up to a year before Apple makes its tech available for use for anything other than contactless payments.

That's not to say the tech wouldn't be able to be used for other reasons. It was clearly stated during the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch launch event that the latter device would eventually be able to perform other contactless functions, including unlocking hotel room doors.

But the same wasn't said about the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Instead, all focus was put on Apple Pay.

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This will also affect third-party payment firms, such as PayPal, that would love to be able to play with the new iPhones' contactless abilities. Better news comes with iOS 8 though, as that will at least open the API for the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, enabling users of PayPal and other digital payment services to use biometrics for secure purchasing.