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(Pocket-lint) - Apple doesn't just make gadgets now, it also is a payment service that is likely to change the way people use their phone in the future and possibly even usher in a world where credit cards slowly disappear.

That's the promise of Apple's new payment system - called Apple Pay - that has launched with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch.

In a demo of the new technology to Pocket-lint, the system is as easy to use as Apple describes and is best explained as Amazon's One-Click for shopping on the high street.

Launching in the US in October, and at some point globally, users will be able to load their credit card details onto a secure part of the phone and then simply tap the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus on any Contactless Payment terminal to pay in store.

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The technical elements of how it works and what it is able to store are far more complicated and boring to detail here, but Apple promises that at no point will it read what you've bought, where you bought it, or how much you paid. The company also says that if your phone is stolen you will be able to stop payments from your device, and with a constantly-changing data point, hacking the system should be nigh on impossible.

In our real-world dummy test, it is just a case of putting the phone within a couple of centimetres of the terminal for Passbook (where your credit card will be stored) to jump into action. You are then asked to confirm the payment with either your fingerprint via TouchID or a passcode if you haven't set a fingerprint up or the Touch ID sensor isn't working properly.

Once approved the transaction goes through and a receipt is recorded in the Passbook app so you can see what you've purchased.

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For Apple Watch users, the process is very similar, except you simple double press the contacts button on the phone and then type in a your passcode.

In the US, the service won't have any limits on the amount of goods you can buy, although Apple has told Pocket-lint that that limitless offering might not apply to all territories. The UK for example has a £20 limit on contactless payments at the moment.

First impressions

Apple Pay is effortlessly simple and will certainly appeal to many iPhone 6 customers when they get their new shiny Apple smartphone.

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With over 220,000 merchant terminals in shops, major stores signed up like McDonalds, Staples, and Macy's, and the banks and card providers on board too such as Amex, Visa and MasterCard, we suspect that further countries and deals will only be a matter of time.

Get ready to start paying with your phone and for it to quickly become second nature.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Editing by Adrian Willings.