There's nothing quite like an Apple iPhone launch. Each is distinct and memorable and the iPhone 6 launch was no different.

But watching the launch of the new iPhone, the thing we remember the most is Phil Schiller, SVP of marketing at Apple, justifying the size of the iPhone 5 with his thumb back in 2012. 

At the time, Apple was facing calls to launch a larger device. It stepped up to 4 inches from the 3.5-inches of the iPhone 4S and changed the aspect ratio, but that was all. 

It was a small step back in 2012, when the Samsung Galaxy S3 had a 4.8-inch display, but Apple stuck with 4 inches until the iPhone 6 launch today.

Apple even used the thumb as a TV advert.

The iPhone now comes in two sizes: 4.7 and 5.5 inches, which based on this prior thinking, lacks common sense. Our thumbs have got no larger, after all.

That's all just a bit of fun though. We welcome the new larger iPhones to a market that's filled with big screen rivals from Android and Windows Phone.

For year many Android owners have been lording over those with iPhones purely because of size. From 19 September, that's all set to change.

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