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(Pocket-lint) - You can now preorder a gold iPhone 6. But not from Apple.

Luxury designer Alexender Amosu, who makes everything from diamond-encrusted mobile phones to what is described as the most expensive suit on the planet, has launched a preorder page on his company's website for the iPhone 6...cloaked in 24-carat gold.

For the not-so-affordable price of £2,399, you can preorder an Amosu 24ct gold iPhone 6 now. It is available in yellow and rose gold, and Amosu's company can even have it engraved with your name or company logo. Amosu claims to use the same gold techniques used to gold-plate Rolex watches.

But that's not all: If you order before 12 September, you can get a free Amosu leather case with your purchase. It has a £150 retail value. If you're worried about the security of your payment data while checking out on Amosu's website, you can relax a little in knowing that Amosu also offers billing via PayPal.

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It's amusing to see third-party companies and manufacturers offer customisation and add-on services for products well before said products even hit retailers' shelves. After all, Apple might only announce the next iPhone 6 on 9 September. It will presumably launch the phone weeks later.

apple s iphone 6 hasn t even been announced but you can already get it in 24 carat gold image 2

Amosu has offered a few graphics to show potential buyers what their gold iPhone 6 should look like. The graphics must be based on rumours and circulating concepts, because Apple has yet to even unveil the next-generation iPhone. Also, note that Amosu doesn't offer different-sized iPhones.

Apple is largely expected to unveil two iPhone 6s - both with larger displays - at its special event in Cupertino.

Writing by Elyse Betters.