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(Pocket-lint) - It's official. Apple has confirmed a media event for 9 September, when a number of different things are expected to be unveiled.

In fact, Eddy Cue, a senior executive at Apple, has touted Apple's autumn pipeline will be the best in decades. Recent rumours about that pipeline have included everything from a wearable device and larger-screen iPhones to a bigger-screen iPad and MacBooks with sharper displays.

Pocket-lint will be at Apple's event in Cupertino, offering breaking coverage on all the new products. Until then, here's what many expect to see. We've even included speculation about hidden messages in Apple's invite and some pictures of the mysterious building where Apple plans to hold its event.

What's that mysterious structure?

Apple plans to hold its 9 September event at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts at De Anza College in Cupertino.

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Steve Jobs, the company's late co-founder and CEO, used the very same location to introduce the original Mac 30 years ago. Apple has not held an event at the Flint Center in a long time, choosing to use the Yerba Buena Center and its own Cupertino campus instead.

here s what to expect at apple s 9 september event iphone 6 iwatch mysterious building and more image 8

But here's the thing: A mysterious structure recently appeared on the campus, wrapped under a white cloak or barricade of sorts. Apple appears to be erecting a building for the event next month. It currently looks around three-stories tall and is protected by several security people, according to MacRumors.

Many reports are now speculating about what the building is for and what Apple is readying to unveil inside.

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What will Apple show off?

Two iPhones

Apple is widely expected to unveil two versions of the next-generation iPhone, both thought to be called iPhone 6. They will also launch in two different display sizes that are larger than what any other iPhone has offered in the past: 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch.

here s what to expect at apple s 9 september event iphone 6 iwatch mysterious building and more image 5

Other rumoured iPhone 6 features include a slim and rounded design, higher-resolution display, sapphire screen, A8 processor, an improved M7 co-processor with a barometer and an air pressure sensor, near-field communication, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and Apple's iOS 8 software.

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Apple's rumoured-yet-anticipated iWatch will finally make its debut on 9 September, according to the latest round of reports.

here s what to expect at apple s 9 september event iphone 6 iwatch mysterious building and more image 6

Little is known about what the iWatch will look or what it will do, but some of the rumours have pointed to a 2.5-inch rectangular display (that could be flexible), as many as 10 sensors (such as a heart-rate monitor), and a stylish design.

A more recent report also claimed Apple will launch its first wearable next month and that the device should make good use of the company's HomeKit home-automation and HealthKit fitness-tracking platforms.

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iOS 8 (HealthKit and HomeKit)

Apple showed off the beginnings of iOS at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June, but several beta releases over the summer have revealed many other features and tweaks buried inside the software.

Apple could elaborate on these new iOS 8 changes at its event - some of which include an iTunes "buy" button in the Control Center, a grayscale Accessibility option, a new timer function for Photos, and more.

here s what to expect at apple s 9 september event iphone 6 iwatch mysterious building and more image 7

The company might also take a moment to once again show off HealthKit and HomeKit coming with iOS 8. After all, the iPhone 6 and iWatch are widely expected to make use of HealthKit and HomeKit. Therefore, if Apple unveils the iPhone 6 and iWatch on 9 September, it will most likely show how the new hardware products work with the new home-automation and fitness-tracking platforms.

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Improved Siri

At the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, Apple announced new Siri features for iOS 8 such as the ability to analyse and identify songs automatically via Shazam, purchase iTunes content directly from Siri, and dictate text in 22 new languages.

here s what to expect at apple s 9 september event iphone 6 iwatch mysterious building and more image 3

Also with iOS 8, you won't have to press your iPhone or iPad home button to invoke Siri. Your device will instead listen for the voice prompt "Hey Siri". That said, in order to preserve battery life, Apple requires that your device be plugged into power for "Hey Siri" voice prompt to work.

It's long been assumed Siri would one day extend to desktops, beyond the voice dictation functionality now available in Macs, but Apple has never confirmed that as a real possibility. However, a recent patent application has suggested the company is considering an improved version of Siri for Mac.

The application discussed in detail how Siri could work in the background and consumers would activate her with a gesture or voice command (kind of like the "Hey Siri" voice prompt that is coming with iOS 8 this autumn). Siri for Mac would also be able to respond to you, with different interaction standards.

All of this, coupled with a possible hidden message in Apple's invite (see below), indicates Apple could unveil a much-improved Siri next month.

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What are the hidden messages in Apple's invite?

Since Apple's September 9th invitation has been sent to the press, many reports have begun to over-analyse the invitation and reach for clues as to what might unveil. Here are some of the best theories about the possible hidden messages in Apple's invite:

here s what to expect at apple s 9 september event iphone 6 iwatch mysterious building and more image 10

1. Rotate the invite and the two 9s become two 6s...for Apple's two iPhone 6 smartphones.

2. Do the math: 9+9 - 2 + 14 = 30. Apple unveiled the first Mac 30 years ago at the Flint Center.

3. The "say more" could mean an improved Siri that is able talk more, or more screen real estate for the iPhone 6, or maybe Apple is hinting at another event because it couldn't fit its autumn pipeline into a single event. Who knows, really.

4. So gray. A stark contrast from last year's autumn event invitation, Apple's 9 September event invitation is rather grayscale-looking. There are no bright and vivid colours, suggesting the company plans to keep things rather minimalist this time around. We wonder what that means for the iPhone 5C.

5. The long shadow from the stem at the top of the invite could supposedly represent a sundial (as in "time"...like iWatch?), with some people even claiming the shadow might stand for 8 AM. That's the time the event opens in Cupertino.

And that's it. Let us know in the comments what you think will go down on 9 September.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 28 August 2014.