Apple has begun sending out invites for its 9 September event where the iPhone 6 and iWatch are expected to be unveiled.

While the invite itself has begun rolling out to press for the announcement event, details about the contents are scarce.

The invite simply shows the date and a line that reads: "We wish we could say more."

Apple does usually give away clues on its invites. This reference to talking could be an introduction to the rumoured improved Siri along with the release of the iWatch which will be largely voice controlled. It is thought that the new iPhone 6 sporting iOS 8 will work with the iWatch to control the new smarthome using Apple's HomeKit.

Of course the "more" could also refer to the size of the new device suggesting it's a larger phone. This could be the iPhone Air 5.5-inch handset. Knowing Apple's subtlety it will be both a larger phone and an improved voice control system.

So far the rumour mill has been pointing towards a 9 September announcement for quite some time. That being true could lend some strength to the other rumours. The bulk of which have been an 4.7-inch iPhone 6 with slimmer body and sapphire glass screen, an iWatch featuring smarter voice controls than the current Siri, and finally a larger 5.5-inch iPhone Air, which is also rumoured to arrive later in the year due to manufacturing issues.

Expect to hear more as the date approaches and to get full coverage from Pocket-lint live from the launch event.