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(Pocket-lint) - A video has leaked online showing an Apple Lightning to USB cable that features a reversible USB being put into a MacBook right-side in and upside down.

The video was shared by famed leaker Sonny Dickson, lending it some weight. It clearly shows Apple's casing with official fonts displaying the "Lightning to USB Cable" title. On closer inspection the USB end of the cable is shown both normal way up and upside down.

Presumably the only difference here is convenience for the user. Although Type-C USB, which is rumoured to work both ways up and offers more power and speed through the cable, should arrive soon.

It's unlikely this cable has that as it's still in the early stages of development and is expected to be micro-USB on both ends. But it would make sense to offer something more than just the convenience of plugging the USB in different ways up. That said Apple will probably make lots of money from this cable adapter either way.

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Apple is expected to launch its iPhone 6, and potentially iWatch, at an event on 9 September. The cable will likely be unveiled then as an item that's sold separately for those that want to charge their Apple devices via computer USB ports and wall plugs with easy access.

Writing by Luke Edwards.