An alleged iPhone scam has led to the arrest of seven Apple Store staff in Florida.

The staff members, or not-so geniuses, were arrested for allegedly helping in an iPhone scam which was estimated to have stolen more than $500,000.

The plot involved criminals bringing stolen iPhones into the store where the staff would then exchange them for new ones. Because a registered stolen serial number couldn't go through the system the staff used a Best Buy contact who read out legitimate serial codes that they could use.

Apple Store staff, and presumably the Best Buy employee, were paid between $45 and $75 for each phone swapped out, claim the police.

After the internal audit team found certain staff were handling an unusually high number of exchanged handsets Apple looked into the matter further. This resulted in the police being contacted and the six arrests taking place. The alleged ringleader was 26 year old Devon Persad. A seventh member of the team has handed himself in since.

While the staff have all been apprehended the criminals who actually stole the phones and came in to make the exchanges have not been caught.

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