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(Pocket-lint) - What is it with graphic designers who seemingly have so much time on their hands that they've got nothing better to do that create yet another set of renders based on rumour and speculation of what the new Apple iPhone 6 will look like?

Martin Hajek, who's already created a set of stunning iPhone 6 renders in the past, has been at it again, creating a new set based on the latest rumours that are circling the internet.

Not content with just creating the outside however, Hajek has even rendered what he believes the inside will look like including all the internal components that the iPhone 6 will have including that bigger rumoured battery.

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Hoping to fund his work, Hajek is selling the files for the iPhone 6 3-D model at Turbosquid.com for $100.

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For that you get an "Extremely detailed model of a possible iPhone 6." that Hajek says is an "interpretation of a possible iPhone 6 design is based on the design presented by the website Nowhereelse."

The components are modeled after the iPhone 5s/5c original components with some minor adjustments according to the graphic designer. You'll be pleased to know what textures are included.

The latest set of images comes off the back of other rumours that the iPhone 6 will be announced on the 9 September and released to the public shortly after.

Whether Hajek's vision becomes a reality, we have to say, the new renders are some of the best we've seen yet.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 6 August 2014.