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(Pocket-lint) - After a protracted battle that has lasted over three years, Apple and Samsung have finally made up. At least outside of the US.

They have both agreed to drop all court cases against each other in all regions outside the States, including the UK, South Korea and Germany.

A statement said that the agreement "does not involve any licensing arrangements". The most famous battles - the one's in the US that started the tit for tat - will continue. However, this must be seen as a landmark move with both companies looking forward rather than back.

Although US rulings have been in Apple's favour in the past, courts in the UK often took an alternative stance. In October 2012, Apple lost an appeal against a ruling that stated Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet didn't not infringe patents held by Apple for the iPad. It meant that Apple had to publish a shameful notice of the fact on the UK version of its website.

However, in the US, Samsung has been found guilty of infringing Apple patents in recent times. It has been ordered to pay Apple $119.6 million and $1.05 billion in different cases, the latter verdict is still being disputed.

Samsung has also won cases against Apple, with Apple having to pay damages for infringing the Korean company's patents.

Those cases will continue.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 6 August 2014.