A further suggestion that Apple will release its new smartphones on 19 September has emerged.

One rumour has already been doing the rounds over the last month suggesting the exact date Apple will make its iPhone 6 devices available for sale, which allegedly came from German network Deutsche Telekom. Its support representatives are said to have been telling customers that the phone or phones will be launched on 19 September.

Now a second source has mentioned the same date. A Chinese language site claims that its sources also reveal the same day as the new handsets will be released.

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It partly makes sense as 19 September is a Friday and Apple traditionally puts its new phones on sale on Fridays. In addition, it's almost exactly a year after the iPhone 5S and 5C phones hit stores (that was 20 September 2013).

And if that convention is adhered to, we can expect to see Apple's iPhone 6 press announcement event take place around 10 days sooner, so 9 September.

The Chinese source also claims that the 32GB iPhone 6 will cost 5,288 yuan (around £500). A 64GB iPhone 6, it says, will be 6,288 yuan (£593). It doesn't state which of the two models, 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch, that will apply to. Most likely the 4.7.