(Pocket-lint) - Apple's iPhone 6 and iWatch have once again been mentioned with an October release date and now more details about the glass screens are leaking.

According to Taiwanese supply chain insiders the iPhone 6 will, as previously rumoured, come in two sizes, a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch. Now more detail is being added to suggest it won't only be a size difference.

The suppliers claim the smaller 4.7-inch model will feature standard Gorilla Glass 3 that's on most new phone at the moment. But the larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will be coming with super strong Sapphire glass.

Sapphire glass has been mentioned in relation to the iPhone 6 and iWatch in a few previous rumours. Putting extra protection on the larger screen, which has more area to scratch, and on the iWatch which will knock on things, makes sense.

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Another rumour from the same source suggests that the iWatch will sell for $349. One of the suppliers has apparently created an innovative "silver nanocoating" for the iWatch which, presumably, will offer more protection.

If Apple sticks to its usual cycle and these rumours are true we can expect an announcement this September for the iPhone 6 and iWatch.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.