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(Pocket-lint) - Apple didn't launch a smartwatch at its Worldwide Developer Conference earlier this week, forcing many to wonder if the company will ever tackle wearables. Although Apple hasn't officially commented on the matter, it did release an advert that appears to answer many of our questions.

As first spotted by website Recode, Apple's new advert video basically shows consumers it is already spearheading the wearables trend (in terms of health and fitness tracking, anyway) with its iPhone. Simply watch the video below. You will quickly learn how to lose the "chicken fat" the Cupertino way, with several third-party iPhone apps and app-enabled accessories.

Apple's advert is a showcase for the the Wahoo Fitness Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor, Withings Health Mate, Zepp Golf Sensor, Misfit Shine, Adidas miCoach Smart Ball, etc. The advert also reminds us of the many ways we could strap iPhones to our bodies. The entire not-so subtle message is played to a tune called Chicken Fat as well. Composer Meredith Wilson wrote it for John. F Kennedy’s Physical Fitness Program to get the youth of 1962 into shape.

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So, what's the moral of Apple's latest promotional story? The iPhone is a powerhouse wearable device, today.

We might not have an Apple iWatch to clasp around our wrist just yet, but we do have an iPhone. We can put in our pocket or slip it into an armband. And the iPhone, much like the various rival smartwatches available, will let us run, jump, swim, and keep track of all our vital health data.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 5 June 2014.