Apple has announced iOS 8, a new version of its mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and with it a stack of new features and new possibilities.

Like previous new versions of the OS, not all devices are supported, leaving us with the perennial question of whether it will work on your current iPhone or whether you will need to upgrade your Apple smartphone or tablet to benefit.

Unlike previous rollouts where many of the latest features are only restricted to the top flagship models, it seems that at the moment iOS 8 is a lot more embracing of all Apple devices.

That could change with new features added to a potential iPhone 6 or a new iPad Air, but for the moment the good news is, that unless you are running anything older than an iPhone 4S you should be fine.

Apple's forthcoming iOS 8 update will work on the following devices:


iPhone 4S
iPhone 5
iPhone 5C
iPhone 5S


iPad 2
iPad with Retina display (3rd & 4th gens)
iPad Air
iPad mini
iPad mini with Retina display

iPod touch

Fifth-generation iPod touch

The only real notable omission over iOS 7 is the iPhone 4. Likewise like iOS 7 the first two iPads aren't supported.