Apple looks set to introduce NFC for the first time in its mobile devices starting with the iPhone 6. This will mean mobile payments from the iPhone as well as NFC pairing to speakers like those made by its allegedly newly bought Beats.

The rumour of Apple adding NFC to its iPhone 6 comes from a source of investment newswire BrightWire. It's claimed that Apple has reached an agreement with China UnionPay, the country's only domestic bank card organisation.

The deal is thought to make payments from iPhones possible soon. It should also cover mobile payments for items in Apple Stores.

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This rumour comes after Apple was rumoured to have bought Beats Electronics from Dr Dre for $3.2 billion. Since Apple already sells Beats speakers from its site, which use NFC to pair, it makes sense that this would be compatible with this rumoured NFC-toting iPhone 6.

At this stage Beats Electronics is thought to have been bought for its music streaming service that rivals Spotify, something Apple apparently wants to compete with more aggressively.

NFC and iPhones have been a combination expected for a long time. The iPhone 6 might finally make that a reality and with it mobile payments more popular on a larger scale than ever before.

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