Much has been said and written about the iPhone 6 already. According to rumours already out in the wild, it will feature a larger, 4.7-inch display in order to compete with Android flagship smartphones, and the rear of the phone will feature rounded edges, similar to the iPhone 5c or iPhone 3G and 3GS.

The latest speculation adds that the front glass could be rounded too, in that it will feature curved edges that directly match up to the rear. It might be a weird idea, but Japanese website Mac Otakara claims that its inside sources confirm the curved rear and possibly the front glass panel too.

This won't be a similar curved display to the Samsung Galaxy Round or LG G Flex. Instead, the glass itself will wrap around, the display will stay flat. It will give the phone a more ergonomic feel in the hand, it is suggested.

To be honest, it seems unlikely to us, but we've been surprised by Apple in the past.

The same reports claim that the rear casing may well also be made of aluminium, much like a HTC One (M8) or Apple's own iPad, with no glass areas for antenna spots.