Apple's iPhone 6, rumoured to come in a larger 5.5-inch size with iPhone Air name, could be delayed until as late as 2015.

Since the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 was never confirmed this isn't a huge disappointment, but it certainly keeps Apple trailing behind the competition's phablet offerings. Presumably Apple will still reveal an iPhone 6 around September, as it does every year, only this might not be accompanied by a larger sibling as rumoured.

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The issue, according to Taiwan's Commercial Times is battery related. Apple wants a battery no thicker than 2mm, but manufacturers can't get it smaller than 2.8mm. The larger 5.5-inch display will require more juice to run than the iPhone 5S's 4-inch display.

The iPhone Air, as the rumour mill's manufacturers are referring to it, will have to remain slim for Apple to be happy with it, in spite of the jump in screen size. This suggests that the smaller iPhone 6 could come with the Air name and be slimmer than the current model.

Competition from Samsung, HTC and LG, who all offer larger screen options may still be ignored by Apple for the iPhone 6 release. Here's hoping the fruit giant reveals the larger iPhone soon, perhaps in time to release it with the iWatch?

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