Last week, some "leaked" schematics of what is claimed to be the iPhone 6 appeared online. Sketches were then shared socially of the suggested design.

Now these could both be fabricated, but they do share some elements that have been rumoured elsewhere - most prominently the now much-discussed 4.7-inch screen.

For a bit of fun, French website asked Martin Hajek, the designer behind many a gadget render to mock up concept 3D renderings of what the new iPhone could look like should the sketches and schematics prove to be true. And we like. We like a lot.

iphone 6 concept renders give a glimpse at just how beautiful apple s future could be image 5

His iPhone 6 concept is thinner than the current iPhone 5s, with bevelled, rounded edges more like the iPhone 5c. However, it is larger in size overall. But not so much as to ape a Galaxy Note or even a Galaxy S5.

The screen runs almost edge-to-edge, so is 4.7-inches without making the phone itself unwieldy.

Hajek also played around with the colours and added silicon case renders for good measure.

The final device might not look like this when it's released - in September, we imagine - but it boy should it.