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(Pocket-lint) - Rumours that Apple's iPhone 6 handset will be the company's largest phone yet are coming from all angles. An image of what is claimed to be the front panel of the device emerged online a couple of days ago, now a picture of batteries purportedly designed for the interior of the phone has appeared. It too suggests growth.

The words "battery" and "leak" don't normally sit nicely in the same sentence, not unless you're trying to explain why you've suddenly sprouted a hole in your trouser pocket. And leg. However, a picture published by French website nowehereelse.fr purportedly shows leaked iPhone 6 batteries.

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The site claims that the batteries shown, which are similar in shape and style to those found in former iPhones, have one interesting feature. They show connection pins at the top of the batteries, rather than the regular side, which could be because the device will need to accommodate a larger display.

Yeah, we know that this is a long shot and huge leap of faith, but apparently the photo came from the same supply source as former, genuine iPhone 5S shots. And it does make sense that Apple is looking to expand its iPhone screen size to compete on a market currently obsessed with girth. Whether the rumoured 4.7-inches will be enough, we shall see...

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 17 April 2014.