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(Pocket-lint) - Apple might soon introduce an 8GB iPhone 5C for several markets, according to a slew of new reports.

Citing leaked information from German-based Caschy's blog and many tipsters, Engadget and MacRumors reported on Monday that Apple's 16GB iPhone 5C isn't selling as well as hoped, so the Cupertino-company plans to introduce a cheaper 8GB version this week in at least Germany and the UK. Apple currently sells the iPhone 5C in 16GB and 32GB variants, and its latest variant should be available in all iPhone 5C colours, it is claimed.

Caschy's Blog published documents sent from German carrier O2 to retailers. Although unverified, the documents indicated an 8GB iPhone 5C is coming to Germany soon and will cost €509 (£425). The 16GB iPhone 5C costs €569 (£476). That means the upcoming iPhone 5C will be one of the cheapest and smallest iPhones you can buy in Germany, and it also makes many wonder about the fate of Apple's bottom-tier iPhone 4S.

German blog iFun specifically reported that the 8GB iPhone 5C will launch on Tuesday, and MacRumors, which cited several unnamed sources, claimed the new phone has also begun shipping to UK carrier stores. And finally, Engadget has posted a product package label for an 8GB iPhone 5C in the colour blue. If all these leaked documents and images and reports are true, you can expect a new iPhone 5C to debut sooner rather than later.

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At Apple's first-quarter conference call in January, Tim Cook, chief executive officer, admitted the iPhone 5S had garnered more sales than the iPhone 5C, leading many to speculate that the iPhone 5C is suffering from weak sales overall. A recent report from China-based analytics firm Umeng, for instance, said the iPhone 5C grabbed just 2 per cent of traffic on its network. That is meager compared to 15 per cent of traffic for the iPhone 5 and 12 per cent for the iPhone 5S.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 17 March 2014.