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(Pocket-lint) - Apple is widely expected to unveil its iPhone 6 in July with a larger screen than any Apple smartphone to date. Now it seems not only the size will change but also the way the screen works - resulting in a super-colourful display.

Business Insider claims that Apple might use this relatively new technology in its next flagship handset. To date at least five patents have been submitted by Apple referencing the technology. Also Jason Hartlove, CEO of Nanosys, claims the first quantum dot display mobile will launch by mid-year.

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So why is a quantum dot screen a good thing? Other than it sounding like something from space. Quantum dots are nanocrystals made out of semiconductors. Because of being on the nano scale they create quantum effects. The end result is very specific light frequencies for colour reproduction that are more accurate than other materials can manage.

Amazon used quantum dots with its Kindle Fire HDX tablets for excellent colour reproduction. But it does suffer light-bleed as a result - an issue Apple aims to tackle, according to the patents.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook made it clear in a Wall Street Journal interview that the screen is important for more than just resolution. "We want to give our customers what's right in all respects - not just the size but in the resolution, in the clarity, in the contrast, in the reliability," he said. Here's hoping July brings an Apple announcement to shake up the mobile world.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 27 February 2014.