Proporta is launching a new carbon fibre lined leather case for iPhone 5 and 5S which has been shotgun tested. Check out the video of it getting blasted below. It took a blast from 40 yards then 5 yards closer and survived up to the 20-yard mark.

But how? Carbon fibre is five times stronger than steel, but it weighs about two-thirds less. That's why this case is light enough to be carried around but also strong enough to stop you getting shot, in the pocket, at up to 20 yards. Because you never know.

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The tough case is surrounded by soft sheepskin leather with a micro fibre lining that can be used as a stand for watching video. The case will come in black and white and set you back £45. Not bad considering it may save your life one day. And, of course, it will keep your phone in pristine condition the rest of the time.